About DGP

DAS Group Professionals uses a game-changing finance model that concurrently builds a superior DAS while positioning the property owner for ancillary infrastructure benefits and higher, recurring profits.

About DGPDGP is a private consultancy of seasoned engineers and communications experts with on-the-ground experience totaling more than 50 years. The team is extremely nimble, responsive, and unencumbered by a complex bureaucracy. Because of this, we are able to pursue, execute and expedite projects with speed and flexibility, ensuring a timely delivery of projects to our clients within any given circumstances. This is one reason the vast majority of our clients choose to enlist our help on a long-term basis – not just for the build.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • Solid track record in carrier negotiations and project management
  • Distributed resources with local knowledge and experience
  • Customized solutions and delivery options
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Interoperable systems that work within existing infrastructure
  • Multiple-bid approach direct from vendors ensures best design and price possible for every venue

Solid Track Record in Project Management

DAS Group Professionals team of reputable professionals collectively have over a half-century of experience in wireless telecom project management and delivery. Our project execution methodologies, as well as knowledge and influence in the technical and commercial aspects of project management, are considered invaluable to all clients past and present. DAS Group Professionals team is driven in house by our senior management team. By having a team on-site, and while adhering to strict internal time frames, we are able to beat client timelines and exceed deliverable expectations.

Having worked in various geographical locations throughout the years, the DAS Group Professionals team is familiar with different site conditions and jurisdictional environments. DAS Group Professionals retains a large comprehensive digital library of every jurisdiction where we have worked. This rich body of knowledge and information accumulated by the principals of DAS Group Professionals enables our team to pre-empt possible pitfalls and anticipate what might otherwise be unexpected during the course of project execution.

Distributed Resources with Local Knowledge and Experience

DAS Group Professionals has a network of equipment provider partners with proven technologies. With unrestricted access to this technology portfolio, DGP Development can provide a myriad of infrastructure and environmental solutions tailored to the needs of our individual clients.

Over the years, the principals of DAS Group Professionals have managed a network of general contractors, subcontractors, operators and vendors worldwide. This network remains actively intact to this day, thus facilitating an ease of operational activities for projects in any part of the nation. These alliances allow us to provide cost effective solutions when it comes to assembling, integrating and expediting equipment to various geographical locations.

Utilizing a multiple bid approach allows us to provide the best equipment and engineering solutions for our clients at the lowest price-points possible. All of this is happens while adhering to the highest standards of wireless providers in the industry.

Global Perspective + Local Experience in Targeted Geographies

DAS Group Professionals has a global perspective with in-depth local experience in each of our target geographies. Our office and affiliates are present throughout the world.

Customized Solutions + Delivery Options

Unlike the typical cut and paste project management firm, DAS Group Professionals understand the unique aspect of each project as well as the nuances between seemingly similar projects. With an amalgam of rich experience, vast knowledge, proven technologies, facilities and operators, DAS Group Professionals are committed to providing customized solutions tailored to  each of our client’s needs.

All projects are different and we account for those differences in our custom-tailored approaches to each property.

Speed + Flexibility

DAS Group Professionals is a private consultancy operated by a group of professionals and unencumbered by a complex bureaucracy. With its highly skilled and experienced principals and employee base, DAS Group Professionals pursues, executes and expedites projects with speed and flexibility ensuring a timely delivery of projects to our clients within any given circumstances.


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