DAS Group Professionals (DGP) delivers top-performing distributed antenna systems and handles the full scope of work from engineering; zoning and entitlements; system optimization; ongoing project management and operations support; leasing and carrier approval and negotiations; and system builds and construction management.

ServicesOur emphasis on long-term strategies that deliver a network and recurring revenues to the landowner sets us apart from all other DAS providers.

Expectations for connectivity are absolute these days and the public’s patience is short when it comes to instant access to their wireless networks regardless of carrier. That’s why Bay Area Rapid Transit, the Chicago Cubs, Sacramento Kings and the ground-breaking 49ers stadium use DAS Group Professionals (DGP) for their neutral-hosted, wireless communications services.

DGP provides a full array of services for neutral hosted wireless connectivity in indoor, outdoor and hybrid environments. We offer:

Architectural + Engineering

All architectural designs from concept, design, implementation, entitlement, and construction. We feature custom designed distributed networks specifically engineered to fit the client and site demands.

Zoning + Entitlements

Obtain all required permitting from local permitting authorities, including necessary environmental permitting hurdles.

Full System Optimization

Design of a DAS network capable of handling multiple wireless providers.

Ongoing Project Management + Operations Support

Support of the DAS infrastructure and all maintenance and monitoring.

Construction Management + Installation

DGP will provide oversight of all equipment installation and sub-contractor performance.

Leasing + Carrier Approval

On our client’s behalf, we work with all parties for cost recovery, system acceptance, and on-going monthly rents. Our efforts include optimization for each carrier.

Security + Protocols

24/7 monitoring of personnel entering the DAS equipment rooms and ensures that all tenants on the DAS strictly comply with the provisions of their agreements with the DAS owner.