T-Mobile First Up for New Wrigleyville System

T-Mobile to anchor Wrigleyville’s venue-owned DAS system, providing seamless service and supporting fan calls, texts, uploads and downloads

The home of the world champion Chicago Cubs is getting a major upgrade to its wireless network that will deliver faster and higher quality service than ever before to fans inside and around Wrigley Field. T-Mobile has signed on as the anchor wireless provider for the impressively robust distributed antenna system (DAS) that’s been designed and is being deployed by DAS Group Professionals (DGP).

DGP is a Silicon Valley tech and engineering company that has a reputation for developing record-shattering systems that seamlessly blend into the environment. DGP infrastructure has been featured at Levi’s Stadium and Golden 1 Center where employees and fans enjoy the fastest capacities of their wireless devices while preserving the aesthetics and history of the surrounding area. In Chicago, DGP is developing a system that is equipped to accommodate all major carriers to ensure the highest degree of quality for subscribers. The first to take advantage of all that a DGP developed DAS has to offer is T-Mobile.  

“Whether you’re at the game or enjoying the scene outside the ballpark, you’re counting on your phone to help you find your friends, send photos, buy some last-minute tickets, you name it, and you want the best network to help you stay connected to everything,”  said Jennifer Silveira, Central Region VP of Engineering and Operations for T-Mobile. “Our current network solution at Wrigley Field outperformed our expectations during last year’s World Series and now we’re making long-term investments in anticipation of even more wireless usage in and around the ballpark. It’s one of the many massive improvements we’re making to the speed and coverage of our 4G LTE network across the Chicagoland area, and DGP is helping us lead the way in Wrigleyville.”

That puts T-Mobile, if not in the driver’s seat (the DGP model keeps the venue owner there), at least in the front seat. “We build our systems so they are compatible and accommodating for every wireless provider,” explains DGP president Steve Dutto. “Every wireless provider who signs on will provide us with their specs and we fulfill them – and likely outperform their expectations. Being first in line offers a great advantage: for one thing, it’s a show of support that we know the venue owners notice, and subscribers do, too. T-Mobile’s customers are going to be very pleased with their service.”

“The only way to satisfy the increasing mobile communications needs is with the latest in wireless technology,” Andrew McIntyre, VP of Technology for the Chicago Cubs adds. “DGP’s expertise is the finest the industry has to offer in terms of wireless solution design and implementation. Their success at Levi’s Stadium and Golden 1 Center are great examples of their capability. Our organization strives to be the best both on and off the field. Working with DGP on this initiative will position us to have among the best wireless connectivity in Major League Baseball, resulting in unprecedented cellular coverage for our loyal fans.”

“Fans should get to focus on the game. We’ll take care of the connections,” Dutto agrees.

To deliver on its vision, DGP will deploy TEKO DAS from wireless communications leader JMA Wireless. “It’s best-in-class technology. JMA is leading the way,” says Dutto. DGP will also install antennas and connectors to facilitate coverage not just in the stands and environs, but also in the nearby Hotel Zachary, the Park at Wrigley and a commercial building.